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When you need what we know, not what we do.

Life IS hard for a founder! The spotlight is on you. And the decisions you make shape what happens next. What happens when you're growing, and the business is getting bigger than you can handle? You need to hire.


But hiring isn't something you just do if you want to get it right. The same mistakes so many other startups have made aren't something you need to figure out by yourself. Imagine having access to experts that live and breathe early-stage GTM hiring to help you get it right the first time around... This is The ATP Studio.


We help early-stage founders save time, money, and risk by addressing one of the most common pitfalls they face... hiring. With Amy Volas and Taryn Lanaghan leading your private coaching sessions, you'll gain the expertise and tools to create your own hiring system.

Our proven system takes the guesswork out of hiring




Knowing when and who to hire as a founder is one of the most critical and challenging parts of the process.

We'll help you define when and who with our proven, actionable framework




Your business is unique, and so are the people that do the work.

The outcome of this session will be your Ideal Candidate profile, an outline of the scope of the role, and a magnetic job description.




Minimize the margin for hiring error.

With our guidance, you'll identify your hiring committee and build an effective hiring scorecard that's perfect for your startup.



Interview Process

This is your opportunity to shine.

We'll define a rock-solid interview process and a perfect candidate experience, leaving top talent wanting more.




It's time to land your person.

We'll equip you with decades of negotiation experience to give you confidence in creating a successful offer. You'll also emerge with a well-designed post-offer success plan.

The Add Ons

ATP Concierge:

Post-session support

ATP Spotlight:

Put our network to work for you

ATP Messaging:

Audit and rewrite your current recruiting messaging

Put simply, ATP is exceptional. Their process and approach are extremely detailed and thorough. Definitely, the best I’ve seen in their space.

Mike Feller, Chief Commercial Officer, ActivePipe

What to Expect When You Work With Us

Not Flying Blind

Reduce your margin for error using our proven system to bring your hiring process to life.

Become a Talent Magnet

Magnets attract and repel. Understand how to stand out to bring the right people into your startup.

No Fluff

Cut through the clutter to learn through our proven process to create your winning framework.

Whether you're trying to figure out who to hire, when to hire, cleaning up the nasty effects of a mishire, or have a question about how we work, get in touch and let's dig into the details together. We believe in the power of conversation!

Cut through the fluff and gain access to the best early-stage executive recruiting straight talk for Sales and Customer Success.

100% Privacy. No BS.