Does this story sound like yours?

Avenue Talent Partners is now just over a year old, and the growth the company has seen has been nothing short of spectacular. The best part, though? The people Debbie and I work with.


We want to introduce you to one of our favorites—his name is Scott Schwartz (yes that’s really him in the picture above).


After searching high and low, we found Scott nestled away doing impressive things for his startup in NYC. Instead of sending him one of those canned, copy-and-pasted messages most recruiters send, we personally asked if there were any holes he was looking to fill in his Sales/Customer Success career—nothing more, nothing less.


Admittedly, at the time, he wasn’t actively looking to make a change. He had a good job, and was relatively happy with his career. That said, there were a few things that could improve…

  • His employer’s business model seemed to constantly change.
  • Sales talent wasn’t held at a premium—there wasn’t an emphasis about the well-being of individuals.
  • Company culture was built around one question: “What have you done for me lately?”


Scott soon realized that it may be time for a change, so he gave us a shot:


“I wanted to work with ATP because of their thoughtfulness. Amy/Debbie weren’t concerned about finding tons of faceless candidates for their client; instead, they focused on what was important to me, presented me with what they’d found and asked for my feedback—I loved their transparency.”


Yes, we did the bulk of the heavy lifting to connect Scott with the kind of sales job he was looking for, but Scott played an equally important role—speaking of Avenue Talent Partner’s results-driven placement process, Scott said the following:


“Their process is serious. They gave me ‘homework’ to describe myself and my ideal role, assuring me that my name wouldn’t get lost in the mix of things with the client. They made promises, and kept them. Every step of the way, I knew they cared deeply for my success—not theirs.


As of today, Scott is building pipelines, forging new relationships and closing deals on a daily basis. The best part, though? He’s feeling more fulfilled at work than he ever thought possible.


Scott’s story is great, but there are plenty more just like it—care to add yours to the mix? Click here to schedule a 15-minute chat with us to make the right connections!