Taking the guesswork out of sales recruiting.

We are your partner in developing authentic, long-term connections that are an extension of your team. Nothing you do is more important than finding and hiring the right talent; we work tirelessly to help you do just that. Let our deep understanding of recruitment strategies and best practices work for you.

Amy Volas
Founder & CEO

I’m a sales fanatic, recruiter and entrepreneur that was bitten by the startup bug years ago.


My name is Amy Volas and it’s my mission to bring recruiting back to where it started…By connecting people in a meaningful way.


I started Avenue Talent Partners to solve the fundamental problem startups face through the sales recruiting process: How do I find the right one?


My deep industry knowledge is reflected in a proven track record within recruiting and sales to support a wide range of startups nationwide.


From spearheading National Accounts for ZipRecruiter, Gild, Indeed and Yahoo! as a top performer, to exceeding expectations at Jacobson and DataTrend, to cofounding BroadPath Healthcare Solutions, I know exactly what it takes to transform the business of my clients through one of their most valuable assets…sales people.


Now more than ever, recruiting has become a highly commoditized, bogged down marketplace with a tremendous amount of clutter. I built this business to break free of the norm to address the core challenges of finding the right talent in an ever-changing and complex landscape through a transparent, collaborative process that works.

Taryn Lanaghan
Head of Recruiting

I started my sales career in the advertising world nearly 20 years ago. And in that time, nothing has become more apparent to me than the importance of doing the recruiting process right.

So when the stars aligned and created an opportunity to join my friend and former colleague Amy Volas at Avenue Talent Partners, needless to say I jumped on it.


I have seen many companies and startups get sales right and wrong. I’m thrilled to be bringing my experience in sales and client success to ATP to recruit the best and brightest sales gems for our remarkable clients.


I’ve come full circle having worked with Amy at Yahoo! when she referred me to her team to be part of the major digital disruption that was happening in recruitment advertising for some of the biggest and best brands. I’m excited to be part of the ATP family that is making meaningful connections which impact businesses and careers in such a consequential way!

Scott Turner
Head of Marketing

I’m an engineer, turned world-traveling photographer, turned sales copywriter – now turned Head of Marketing for ATP.


I’m a die-hard believer in ATP’s mission – because if there’s anything my travels and diverse career experience has taught me, it’s that valuing the people around you is THE key to success in any endeavor.


And that’s why after working with Amy on special projects behind the scenes for almost a year, I was so stoked when she wanted to bring me on full time to help ATP grow and mature.

We believe in the power of conversation.


Let’s have one about the stories you’re trying to tell to attract the right people. Click here to contact me and discover how Avenue Talent Partners can elevate your business to a new level through locating and hiring exceptional talent.

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