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We refuse to accept the status quo.

We’ve been in the sales trenches for decades and have felt the very real effects of mediocre recruiting ourselves. We've also seen the magic that can happen when it's done well! So we’ve made it our life’s work to fix this industry for good.

Finding the people who will move the needle for your business requires a lot more than a stack of resumes and a few crossed fingers. So why does it often feel like that’s all you’re getting when you work with a recruiter?

That’s why we do what we do.

That’s where we’re different.


A way of approaching a problem or making progress towards something.

It takes one to know one.

We’ve built sales teams, led sales teams, worked as individual contributors, and sold 100’s of millions over the last two decades. Very few sales recruiters have the depth of sales experience we do (see our bios below)!

So whether you know what a successful candidate looks like for your role or not, we’ve got your back.

Our experience has shown us there is nothing more important to your business's success than getting the right people on your team the first time.

We're your partners in making that happen!

Working with ATP has been a really refreshing experience compared to others in the recruiting world. Most importantly, they deliver the result we’re after – talented salespeople joining us on our mission.

Zac Lowder, SVP Sales & Member Experience, Inspire

Meet The Team

We are your partner in developing authentic, long-term connections that are an extension of your team. Nothing you do is more important than finding and hiring the right people for the long haul, at your stage. We work tirelessly to help you do just that. Let our deep understanding of sales and startup recruiting work for you to defy the turnover odds.

Amy Volas

Founder & CEO

I’m an enterprise sales fanatic and startup junkie with over 20 years and $100M+ worth of deals closed. I experienced years ago how startups too often short-circuit their potential (and their salespeople’s) by missing the mark on one very important thing: recruiting. So I founded ATP to help them get it right – and I’m proud to say we’re doing just that!

Taryn Lanaghan

Head Of Recruiting

I’ve been a salesperson for nearly 20 years (including 10 years in HR Tech) and nothing during that time has become more apparent than how important the recruiting process is to the success of startups. I’m thrilled to bring my experience in startup sales and client success to ATP to recruit the best and brightest sales gems for our remarkable clients.

Anne Hurtubise

Senior Director Recruiting

Anne is a fellow lover of startups and has spent her career helping startups get better through the people they hire. She understands all of the challenges that come up when it comes to hiring leaders and building sales teams and uses that knowledge to help our clients get it right the first time around. Anne is all about her relationships and seeks to understand people on a deeper level to make sales recruiting magic happen for the long haul.

Amy's Been Featured In...

We care deeply about the sales and startup ecosystem.  We're relentlessly focused on helping the community get better through our experiences and proven framework to talk about important topics like sales leadership, enterprise sales, hiring, and startups.  We talk about this in places like:

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Our blog is a treasure trove full of the perspectives and philosophies that have helped us succeed in sales and recruiting for over 20 years.

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