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Here’s what you need to know about us (it’s different than other recruiters).

You are more than a resume.

We aren’t just looking at your resume and passing it on hoping our clients like you so we can collect a commission check… we get to know you, your priorities, and what makes you tick to ensure we have your best interests top of mind at all times.

We take your career as seriously as you do.

Recruiting is riddled with people out to make a quick buck off of placing you with any company that would take you, but that is the antithesis of how we work. We make it our business to not only place you, but help you think through where you’d thrive best.

This year has been the best in my career to date and I have you to thank for that... I'm so glad we crossed paths! 

Kaitlin Shepherd, Account Executive, HHAeXchange

What are we working on?

We’re a quality-first recruiting firm and we only take a handful of searches at a time to ensure we hit the nail on the head with each one. Unfortunately, that also means the chance of us having something that’s a great fit for you right now is very slim. However, we’ve got something that will help you with your search below.

A free resource for your search...

If you’ve ever wondered what hiring managers are actually looking for, we’ve created The Ultimate Guide To Finding A Sales Job to demystify it. Let us know what kind of role you’re looking for and we’ll send it to you for free… as well as make sure you’re top of mind for any opportunities we have that might be the right fit.