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Founders: We know startup sales and customer success.

Our partners have closed over $100M+ in revenue at, and since 2015, we’ve placed executive Sales and Customer Success (CS) leaders with a 98% interview-to-hire ratio.

Let’s do the same for your startup.

Why Is Recruiting Startup Executives So Darn Challenging?

Many founders think the Sales executive is the hardest executive hire they’ve made. It's one of your earliest leadership hires... and it's also one of the most impactful.

The cost of not getting this hire right goes far beyond a missed quarterly sales goal — The cost of a failed VP Sales hire with a $400K OTE is at least $1-2MM.

The biggest risk?

Opportunity cost. You can’t afford to lose the months worth of time and burn rate involved with going all-in on a hastily recruited VP Sales. And starting over afterwards is painful. Not to mention the severance package, out of pocket lost compensation, equity, legal fees, team turnover, downtime, hit to the pipeline, and more.

That’s why it’s critical to get your customer-facing, revenue-generating executive hires right — the first time. That's where a proven startup executive search firm comes in.

Our Startup Expertise Removes The Guesswork


Drawing from over $100MM+ of closed business as sellers and sales executives ourselves, and our 20 years experience in startups, Avenue Talent Partners has been the founder’s best friend since 2015.

Our 98% interview-to-hire ratio is like none other in the industry. We achieve this by being selective about who we work with, using our proprietary qualitative and quantitative search, selection, and vetting process, and by making it easy for you to make confident hiring decisions.

We Help Startup Founders Defy The Turnover Odds To Get Executive Hiring Right


We Get to Know You and Your Startup

Even among venture-backed SaaS companies, no two startups or CEOs are alike. We celebrate the power of understanding and learning.

We begin by leveraging the power of deep discovery to ensure every candidate you meet is worth your time, with the right combination of superpowers that match your current and near-future stage to help you grow your business.

This is not your average half-baked “intake meeting” – together, we peel back the layers to identify exactly what you need, why, team dynamics, your customer journey, success metrics, and how this executive can make a real impact for your startup.


We Tell Your Startup Story Like You Would… Or Better

Our go-to-market strategy combines all the juicy bits and pieces from the discovery process to tell your startup's story magnetically and with integrity.

Leveraging our robust network while not being afraid to knock on new doors ensures we bring you only the right Sales or CS leaders with the 'DNA' and track record to help you grow and thrive.

We know you care about the candidate experience and so do we! Our recruiting outreach has been described as "the best way I've ever been approached!"

We celebrate the long-game mindset and how your brand is represented in the marketplace is a top priority.


Maximize Your Time And Say Goodbye to Questionable Candidate Profiles

Life as a SaaS founder is BUSY. We're here to make your life easier, not harder.

There is so much more to someone than a resume or LinkedIn profile. We developed a thorough multi-step candidate process to ensure you only spend time with a handful of fully-vetted leaders. Every person we present has the skill to do the job well, the will to do the work required (startups are hard), and are leaned in and excited to dig in.

We do ALL of the heavy lifting for you — with a level of detail you’ve likely never seen before. You'll be prepared to have productive interviews through our strategy sessions, weekly reporting, hiring scorecard and thoughtfully crafted candidate profiles.

The cherry on top?

We believe in transparency and accountability. You have full access to our pipeline 24/7 whenever you're curious to know what's happening behind the scenes.


We Develop Your Hiring Scorecard

Founders are often tempted to hit the “easy button” and want to pound the pavement right away to get candidates in the door.

Make no mistake: we’re efficient. But our priority is to help you hire the right executive to save a lot of time later.

Hiring the right leader for your executive team begins with developing a hiring scorecard, which is why we hold a strategy session with you exclusively about the hiring scorecard and how to use it.

The end result? Alignment and confidence. You'll be hiring an expert instead of a ‘hopeful’.


We’re Your Personal Concierge Every Step Of The Executive Search Journey

We don’t sit back with our fingers crossed once you're interviewing our candidates: we take a full-service, white-glove approach. That means you can focus on what you do best to run the company, knowing your search is in good hands.

Through proactive, consistent communication, you’ll never be left in the dark to figure out "how to."

We communicate early and often: sharing venture-backed startup trends, SaaS compensation data, candidate experience tips, risks/solutions, interview guides, offer strategy, and onboarding best practices. We deliver this through our robust data reporting, detailed market analysis, and weekly strategy sessions.

Experience means a lot to us, and we take it seriously to ensure no one is left behind. Because that’s what it takes to hire the best... it’s also one of the reasons why we have a 98% offer acceptance rate.


We'll Support You Even After You Hire An Executive

Our work doesn’t stop once you’ve selected "the one."

We handle these critical leadership hires with kid gloves, keeping your newest addition to the team engaged and closely connected all the way through the resignation process, onboarding process, and beyond.


You've Got This And We Got You! Our Hotline Is Always On If You Need It.

Trusted By High-Growth Startups

Executive Roles We Hire For

We help founders and CEOs recruit mission-critical executives to lead Sales or Customer Success:

  • Chief Revenue Officer
  • Vice President of Sales
  • Vice President of Customer Success
  • SVP of Sales and Customer Success
  • Chief Customer Officer
  • VP RevOps, Sales Operations, Enablement

Time is your most important asset. Our success rates reflect the high-quality outcomes we deliver in de-risking these critical startup leadership roles. Executive search is our only focus, not individual sellers. You will see that focus reflected in your investment with Avenue Talent Partners.

After months of unsuccessful recruiting efforts from our internal team, ATP delivered three perfectly qualified candidates – all with the type of professionalism and responsiveness you desire from vendor partners but rarely get.

Jeremy Schultz, CEO, Uberflip

What To Expect When You Work With Our Startup Executive Search Firm

Vetted All-Stars ONLY

Startup founders have only so much precious time, so we will never waste yours. We’ll only send you extremely qualified, highly-vetted candidates. You won’t go on any frustrating wild goose chases.

White Glove Service

With us, you’ll never get a cookie cutter approach. And you’ll never work with an inexperienced, junior recruiter or an account manager who doesn’t know the market. Every aspect of our client service is run hands-on by our firm’s senior partners with decades of industry expertise.

Selective Firm Focus

Have you worked with a recruiting firm where the partner sells you on personal attention, but then passes you to a junior associate once you sign? Not us. Amy and Taryn only work with a handful of clients at a time. To ensure we don’t pass you off to a junior associate without the expertise or experience to effectively engage and vet the right executive for your startup. We’re directly involved on the candidate side — every step of the way.

Your Brand Shines

We ensure each candidate walks away feeling good about their experience and that your brand shines regardless of the outcome! After all, they could become your customer, investor, partner, or coworker down the road. It’s a big, small world and we treat it as such.

100% Transparency

Startups are fast moving, and you can’t afford to waste time guessing where things are with your search. No matter where things stand or how difficult it might get, you’ll know exactly where you stand, how the market is responding, a mutually agreed upon action plan in place, and what to expect next: at all times.

Premium Investment

As a firm, we only do work that we can be proud of, and that we can call our best. It takes a lot of skill and effort to conduct a successful executive search, but it's worth it when done right. We deliver on our promise to provide a premium solution you can depend on that's worth the premium paid to defy the odds.

The 98% interview-to-hire ratio we achieved working with ATP was astounding – unlike anything I’ve experienced working with other sales recruiting firms. We wouldn’t be scaling the business at the rate we are without them.

Scott Schwartz, SVP of Sales & Marketing, HHAeXchange

Amy Volas | Headshot 2020

Whether you’re trying to figure out who to hire, when to hire, cleaning up the nasty effects of a mishire, or have a question about how we work, get in touch and let’s dig into the details together. This is our jam and we believe in the power of conversation!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely… not! You’ll be working with our experienced Partners Amy and Taryn. Why? We intentionally haven’t built a large team. We’re boutique, which means we can be selective and stick to only working with the clients we know we can succeed with.