3 Ways Sales Recruiters Can Work Better with Startup Hiring Managers

You’ve seen a few episodes of “All In the Family,” right?


If you haven’t, the show is based around the lives of Archie and Edith Bunker. Married for years, the couple has overcome their painfully apparent differences to live in relative harmony.


Archie is a loud-mouthed blue-collar worker who’s more bitter than pleasant. On the other hand, Edith is a ditzy, yet loving wife whose patience for her husband’s antics is highly impressive.


They don’t always get along, but you know what? In spite of their contrasting characteristics, they make it work—an inspiring story, considering the hostility of today’s day and age.


Sales recruiters and startup managers, though? They’re often just as diverse. No, they don’t star in their own hit TV show, but at times, the two groups fail to find themselves on the same page.


That said, having worked extensively as a sales recruiter, I found a few ways to help those cut from a similar cloth be more of a benefit to startup hiring managers than a burden.


It’s hardly a perfect marriage, but they’ll for sure help you work in tandem to make the best hire as soon as possible. After all, that’s what matters most—check ‘em out:


1) Do Your Due Diligence to Better Understand What’s Needed


There’s not a skilled recruiter on the planet who’s not constantly seeking to learn more. And it makes sense—by trade, we’re professional listeners and communicators.


Use these identities to your advantage to better understand the specific abilities, requirements and keywords behind the request a hiring manager has sent your way.


To make this happen, devour industry-leading blogs, LinkedIn profiles, professional websites and even the latest projects tackled by the hiring team you’re working with.


Perform this simple task as thoroughly and quickly as possible.


That way, you’re able to provide immediate value to the hiring manager with whom you’re working. Besides, as part of a startup, they’ll need a great deal of help—it’s your time to shine.


2) Set Realistic Expectations, and Then Exceed Them


As previously made mention, working as a hiring manager at a startup is hard work.


Because of this, it’s not uncommon for hiring managers to be wearing multiple hats until you’re able to find another person or two to satisfy the sales side of things on a full-time basis.


Allow this knowledge to heighten your sense of urgency as you begin the hunt for sales recruits.


Right from the get-go, set expectations with a hiring manager, but then work to exceed them. No matter the relationship, when you lighten someone else’s load, bonds of trust are speedily built.


3) ‘Accountability’ Is the Name of the Game


The best way for you to keep yourself accountable is to make it easy for hiring managers to give you feedback. Whether through Skype chats, emails or even a face-to-face interaction over a cup of coffee, make it abundantly clear that you’re present to help, not hurt.


But what if a hiring manager isn’t all that keen on giving you anything to work with?


Not an issue—keep requesting it until you get it.


No, you don’t want to be a nuisance or anything, but it’s impossibly hard for someone to be unappreciative of your efforts when you go out of your way to be held personally accountable.


With all of this in mind, however, remember that accountability is a two-way street—you’re accountable to a hiring manager, but they’re accountable to you, too.




Who knows? Before long, having used each of the above three tips on a regular basis, your ability to work flawlessly with startup hiring managers might very well lead to a classic sitcom like CBS’ “All In the Family.”


It’s a long shot, but hey—a woman can dream, can’t she?


Anyway, enough about what I think—where is your head at with all of this? In addition to the tips that I’ve provided, what do you do to better serve the hiring managers you work with?


In the comments section below, let me in on your most “classified” secrets.


Until then, thanks so much for reading and have a great day!