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Amy Volas on Setting Expectations Early And Often Together


Unlocking Partnership Success: Amy Shares Insights on Setting Expectations Early and Often + Avoiding the Hiring Pitfalls.


In this episode of The Cheat Code podcast, Amy joins hosts Justin Gray and Josh Wagner of In Revenue Capital to discuss the importance of setting expectations in partnerships, plus avoiding the hiring pitfalls.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Establish mutual expectations early: Establishing mutual expectations at the beginning of any partnership ensures clarity and aligns goals, minimizing misunderstandings. This starts before the partnership’s switch is flipped on.
  2. Create a detailed, evolving plan: Develop a plan that both parties agree to and invest in, setting the partnership on a trajectory of success and preventing misalignment of expectations.
  3. Dive deep into values and expectations: Explore what each party truly values and expects from the partnership to determine if there’s a genuine match, AKA alignment, or if the expectations are unrealistic.
  4. Consider broader business integration: Acknowledge the importance of not just setting a partnership in motion but also considering how it integrates with broader business operations (for all parties involved) and how both teams will support the partnership effectively.
  5. Demand specific examples in interviews: Leaders need to go beyond the surface in interviews, demanding specific examples of achievements and failures to understand the true capabilities of a potential hire.
  6. Focus on tangible skills and cultural fit: When hiring, look beyond the allure of big company names and focus on the skill, the will, overall fit, and stage-appropriate considerations for the work required.
  7. Invest in communication training: With $1.2 trillion lost yearly due to poor communication (Grammarly), startups need solid communication skills across all levels. Especially in any GTM role. Consider enrolling every new hire in communication training and watch this investment reap massive dividends.

Quote of the Show

“If I were leading a big team, again, the very first thing that I would do for any hire is invest in communication.” – Amy Volas

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